Replace your defunct website with a functional WebApp

What is a WebApp?

At RedPill, we offer your practice its own unique webapp: a website that looks and feels like an app. Designed with smartphone accessibility at the forefront, RedPill’s simple button-style interface enables intuitive access for patients.

Concealed beneath this minimalist design is a multitude of benefits for patients and clinicians alike.

Its shallow design confers a lighting fast run time, letting patients engage with their practice in an unprecedentedly quick and secure fashion.

The WebApp is universally accessible: it’s available on any device with access to the internet and is not required to be downloaded from the App store.

How Does it Work?

The WebApps we build are compatible with all present clinical systems. With seamless integrated into daily practice, our WebApps compliment all back office software like AccuRx, MgGP and eConsult.

After implementing the WebApp into the workings of your practice, patients can instantly access a network of unique functions not replicated by on other GP websites.

The functions we deliver to your patients equally benefit the practice. Our WebApps help introduce a new style of working, enabling time to be managed but more effectively.

Due to the flexibility of our WebApps, they can be hosted alongside your existing website. This means you have the option of maintaining your existing website, with the added benefit of the functionality of a RedPill WebApp.

The core functions of our WebApps are listed below.

Core Functions

Patients Functions

An App based interface

Request medications reviews

Electronic chronic disease reviews ,asthma,COPD,Diabetes etc

Cashless Online Payments

Registration online ( no more attending the surgery)

Message function/call/social media

Upload all styles of documents and images

Advance Directive feature for patients

Large file Secure email options – never send another recorded delivery

Medical forms that auto calculate – eg Averaging blood pressure, dementia score,PHQ-9 etc

Repeat Prescriptions

Local Self referral links

Red Drugs Solution

Sick Notes

Practice Functions

A new approach to Chronic Disease and Medication reviews

Start addressing Red Drug issues like Gabapentoids

PSQ option for Appraisal

Bespoke local Self referral options

Accommodates all plugins you might current use like Accu Rx

Postage Free solutions

Cashless Online Payments

What do you need to build your own WebApp?

At RedPill, we think the future of General Practice rests in the use of our WebApp. WebApps comprise the benefits of both websites and Apps, opening smoothly on all platforms without the need to create an account.

If you wish to introduce these benefits to both your patients and staff, all that is required is the following information:

  • A secure NHS email
  • A texting solution for clinical systems (AccuRx, Vision Plus or MJOG)
  • Social Media accounts for outgoing communication
  • A paypal account (if you wish to take online payments)

Once we have your basic information, we can build a WebApp for Practice which can either replace your current website, or run alongside it so support it with further digital functionalities.

If you wish to make an enquiry on behalf of your practice, click here.

Alternatively, read about Redpill Communication to understand how the system works…