How RedPill Works

Stop Sending Letters

Most Practices use letters as the main form of communication. This is costly (large practices spending £10 000s on postage and stationary) not secure, slow, unreliable and burns carbon.

Reflect on the time it takes – printing letters, folding and addressing envelopes – there are large additional staff costs involved too. Time to stop sending letters.

Texting is the Future of General Practice Communication.

  • Inexpensive
  • Takes minutes to contact entire Practice populations instantly
  • Can target specific groups
  • Records into the patient record
  • Secure
  • Integrated in EMIS, Vision and SytemOne

RedPill live-links to Patients phones.

Patients are texted links to your RedPill WebApp, directing them to the relevant electronic form for secure data collection e.g. review of antidepressant medication. Upon form completion, this information is returned to your secure NHS inbox to await integration into your document system. Think of the possibilities this raises to change and challenge traditional General Practice.

These RedPill “eReviews” have been developed for medication and Chronic disease reviews. Developed with our GPs, we believe these are concise, direct and relevant for care. Help us to develop more.

Patients can also request common requests for contraception and antidepressants directly through the WebApp by completing the integrated form via the Prescriptions Button.

Use Group texts and send targeted live links to eg. Diabetics or everyone on contraceptive. Look at the scheduling section to explore this further.

Start Using Social Media

Communicating to patients by waiting room posters is an outdated practice given society’s familiarity with social media. Alternative methods have historically involved website communication, heavily restricted by the Practice Technician often being the only individual possessing the knowledge to preform this.

This simply does not work and no business operates such a passive communication appraoach .

Practices need to start using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, all of which can be seamlessly linked to your RedPill WebApp. It is time to embrace social media as the King of Communication.

If you have problems setting up a new communication platforms of our designers and engineers will help.

Read on to understand more