With RedPill, Doctors don’t need to worry about their handwriting…

Why do GPs need to send letters to patients? They don’t…

Our WebApps require practices to rethink their current approach to communication. We think that there are better means of communicating with patients than using the royal mail.

Stop Sending Letters!

Many Practices still use letters as their main form of communication.

These practices, and their patients, suffer as a result of their dependence on post.

Sending letters is not secure and very expensive. It is time-consuming for clinicians. It is unreliable and slow for patients. It even has a damaging effect on the environment!

The end of the era of letters will be welcomed by patients and Practice staff alike.

Time to stop sending letters!

Replace Letters with Texts

We believe that texting is the future of General Practice. It is cheap, instant, secure and easily accessible for patients.

With texting systems already available to GP Practices, lists of patients can be contacted instantly.

Messages can be send to the entire Practice population, or filtered to target selected groups e.g. people with asthma.

The messages sent are embedded into patients records after they have been sent.

Stop sending letters, start sending texts!

RedPill live-links to Patients phones

By introducing texting as the main form of communication with patients, you can connect patients directly to your WebApp.

By sending a global text with a link to the relevant electronic form, you can secure collect data from patients which arrives immediately in your secure NHS email.

This information can then be integrated into your document system at a time convenient to your Reception team.

Think of this function’s potential: it has the capacity to challenge and change traditional General Practice in a way beneficial to both patients and clinicians.

A New Form of Review: eReviews

Sending your patients texts containing live-links to forms on your WebApp will reshape the way you manage medication and chronic disease reviews.

The eReviews on our WebApps have been developed with GPs, and have been tested in Practice. We believe these to be concise, direct and highly relevant for care.

We also have more unique forms like Advance Directives, and self-calculating forms for blood pressure, bladder symptoms and more.

These forms even let patients digitally complete common requests for medication like contraception and antidepressants directly through the WebApp by completing a Repeat Prescription Request.

Start Using Social Media

The era of communicating information to patients by displaying posters in waiting rooms is over.

Website communication can work, but it’s laborious for the Practice Techie, and dependent on patients visiting the site to access the information.

We think these approaches to communication are outdated and ineffective. We recommend the use of mechanisms familiar to society in the digital era: social media.

Practices need to start using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to engage with patients. These platforms can be seamlessly integrated into your RedPill WebApp.

It is time for General Practice to embrace the King of Communication.

RedPill will help resolve any problems you have introducing these new communication systems into your Practice, our engineers are always at hand for any teething issues.