You have problems with Opiates, Opioids, Gabapentiods and Benzodiazepines.

You know you do, but you can’t begin to address this.

These medications are started by pain clinics ,rheumatology or long retired colleagues. Often for non malignant conditions like fibromyalgia, regional pain syndromes, chronic back pain or most commonly no obvious reason. Many patients have history of addiction or personality problems.

Patients frequently call seeking medication increases. Depressingly patents are fluently prescribed multiple red drugs. You worry about diversion and over dose. You don’t k now what to do.

You know it in no ones interest to continue as you are – it damaging everyone.

RedPill can help

Firstly we have REDDRUGS statement on the Patient Portal that can sent via text. See below

This simple states the practice will not initiate these medications( unless in exceptional circumstance agreed between two clinicians) and will actively seek to reduce and stop. All the evidence demonstrates these medication are damaging. Embracing a practice policy is the starting point for real change.


Start sending red drug medication eReview -either through a global text or ad-hoc.

See the eReview links. This will open a discussion and many patients are open to change.

Time to choose , time to act