You have problems with Opiates, Opioids, Gabapentinoids and Benzodiazepines… You know you do, but you can’t begin to address this.

The RedDrugs Story

These medications tend to started by pain clinics, rheumatology or long retired colleagues. Often prescriptions are started for non-malignant conditions, like fibromyalgia, regional pain syndromes or chronic back pain, or most commonly, for no obvious reason.

Many of the patients prescribed these drugs have a history of addiction, or personality problems. These patients are frequently on the phone to their Practice, seeking increases in their medication. Depressingly, practices oblige and often prescribe patients multiple red drugs.

You worry about addiction, diversion and overdose. You know it’s in no-one’s interest to perpetuate the situation: it’s damaging everyone.

You know it’s happening, but you don’t know what to do.

RedPill can help

“This practice will not initiate the prescription of RedDrugs. Only in exceptional circumstances, where two clinicians have agreed on record prescription is necessary, may RedDrugs may be prescribed. This Practice actively seeks to reduce and stop the prescription of RedDrugs.

All the evidence demonstrates that these medications are damaging. As such, we adopt an overarching Practice Policy to reduce the prescription of these drugs. Embracing this Practice Policy is the starting point for real change.”

The above is our RedDrugs statement. We encourage Practices to endorse this policy negate the damaging impact of RedDrugs.

This policy is available on our Patient Portal, which can sent as a global text to all patients.

Integrate RedDrugs into eReviews

After your Practice has adopted the RedDrugs Policy, and this message has been conveyed to patients, our eReviews can reinforce the policy.

Start sending RedDrug medication eReviews to your patient list. Our eReviews open open a dialogue for the medication.

Consult our eReviews at the bottom to see how they facilitate a discussion of the medication, helping many patients who are open to change.

Time to choose. We choose action.